Oct 30, 2009

Jack’s Recipe for Pasta in Alfredo Sauce:

Here is another easy to prepare Italian Pasta Dish.
One of my favorites …

I Box of Fettuccini Pasta
1/4 cup butter or margin (I personally use Country Crock all natural original)
1 cup heavy cream
1 teaspoon of crushed garlic
1/2 cup grated Parmesan / Romano Cheese (I buy it all ready to use)
1/4 cup chopped fresh parsley
1/4 teaspoon Fresh Ground Black Pepper
1/2 teaspoon of crushed red peppers (spice section of grocery store)
1 teaspoon of Dry Oregano (spice section of grocery store)
Olive Oil
table salt

Cooking Items and Utensils:
1 large metal cooking spoon
1 Measuring Cup
1 Whisk
1 Paring Knife
Diner plates and forks
Large Pasta Strainer
1 Medium sauce pan
1 Large 5-Quart Pot with lid (any pot will do) (I personally like to use a cast iron pot with a glass lid, things usually don’t stick to these, remember to treat them periodically).

Preparation Directions:
Peel and finely chop Garlic Gloves (enough for 1 full heaping Tablespoon)
Chop Parsley (about 1/4 cup)

Cooking Directions:
Step # 1: Cook Pasta
In 5-Quart Pot, fill with approximately 2/3 water
Cover with lid, heat on ‘High Heat’
While heating, remove Fettuccini Pasta from package, break in half, place on a clean dry diner plate.
When water comes to a boil, add approximately 2 tablespoons of oil, and
1 tablespoon of regular table salt
Pour in Pasta, stir.
Follow instructions for Pasta cooking times.
Do NOT overcook.
Pour and Drain into strainer, do not wash with cold water, lightly stir and let sit.
Drizzle some Olive Oil over pasta and stir, this stops the pasta from sticking together.
Immediately Wipe out Pot, you will use this again.

Step # 2: Cooking the Sauce
When Pasta is about half way done, start the sauce.
Melt butter in a medium saucepan over medium low heat.
Add cream turn heat to simmer, and cook for 5 minutes.
Caution: never spill any type of milk product on stove or burners.
Then add garlic, and Parmesan / Romano Cheese, and whisk quickly, heating thoroughly.
Stir in parsley, red pepper flakes, and fresh ground black pepper.

Step # 3: Combining Pasta and Sauce
Heat large pot again on low heat.
Pour pasta back into large 5-quart pot.
Immediately pour sauce over pasta, stir thoroughly.
Immediately remove and serve.

Makes 4 servings
Dip out serving onto plate or into a bowl
If desired, Add more grated Parmesan / Romano Cheese

For you Hungry Man Types:
Serve with a fresh garden side salad
Serve with a Red Diner Wine or Ice Cold Beer
Also goes well with Garlic Bread

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Oct 15, 2009

Jack’s Oven Baked White Fish with Veggies:

Healthy Eating....

I prefer Cod, but you can use another White Fish such as haddock or halibut.

Ingredients and Amounts:
1 to 11/2 pounds of Fresh FISH
Note: The fish usually comes in long pieces, so get the butcher
to cut off just the upper 1/3 of the fish, the thick part. The tail has remnants of the scale and is often tough. The thicker portion is best for baking. If the butcher refuses, you may have to live with it, scrap the scales or throw the lower portion away – a chefs choice, you decide.
Old Bay Seasoning
Table Salt
Garlic Powder
Fresh Ground Black Pepper
Creole or Cajun Seasoning (dry powder form, not liquid)
One bottle of Ranch Salad Dressing
Olive Oil
Butter – margin is ok.
Fresh String Beans (produce section) – about one handful
Fresh Bean Sprouts (produce section) – about one handful
Snow Pea Pods (produce section) – about half of one handful
One Fresh Garden Red Ripe Tomato (firm, not soft) (produce section)
2 Large Fresh Mushrooms, I prefer the brown but the white will do just fine (produce section)
Fresh Celery (produce section)
Spring Onions (produce section)
Baby Carrots (produce section)
1 White Onion (produce section)
Fresh Garden Parsley (produce section)

You Will Also Need:
Large Ceramic or Glass Baking Dish approximately 9” x 13” x 2”
Aluminum Foil
Paper Towels
White Rice (instant is ok.)

Preparation Directions:
Vegetable Preparation …
** Remember to wash all food before using **
Cut the Fresh Green Beans on a diagonal cut about 1 inch long.
Cut about 3 Baby Carrots into small slices.
Cut One Celery Stalk in half-length way, and then cut into diagonal pieces about 1 inch long.
Do NOT cut the Bean Sprouts or Snow Pea Pods.
Chop a small amount of Parsley 1/4 cup.
Chop 1/2 of the White Onion.
Slice the Mushrooms.
Cut 2 Spring Onions into small pieces.
Slice the Tomato into thick slices.
Pour a light amount of Olive Oil into the baking dish, then use a small piece of paper towel to coat the dish bottom and sides.
Wash the Fish and pat dry with a paper towel.
Lay the Fish in the baking dish.
On both sides medium coat the Fish with the Cajun Seasoning, Old Bay Seasoning, and Garlic Powder.
Cut Butter into thin slices and lay on Fish.
Lay the Tomato on the Fish.
Now lay the cut Veggies around the sides and on top of the Fish.
Pour the Ranch Salad Dressing and cover completely, use the whole bottle.
Add table salt and fresh ground black pepper to taste.
Lightly sprinkle some additional Garlic Powder, or you can slice some fresh garlic if preferred.

Cooking Directions:
Pre Heat Oven to 350 Degrees
Cover Fish with Aluminum Foil
Cook for 35 Minutes (warning – do not over cook)
Remove, using a fork; test the fish to see if it is done (It should fall apart at the touch).

Serving Instructions:
Best served with rice.
I personally put about a 2 scoops of rice in a large soup bowl, then one piece of fish, and veggies with sauce.
Serves 3 to 4 people.

Hungry Man Types - you may also want to try:
Serve a nice White Wine with diner.
Most ‘Men’ will find that Beer goes with about anything.
A good appetizer is Cold Peeled Large Shrimp (about 6 per adult).
Afterwards, a nice Sherbet goes well, I like raspberry myself.

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Oct 11, 2009

Jack's Recipes: Today is a Consumer Cooking Health Aert

Subject: Pyrex dishes


Got any new Pyrex dishes in your cooking utensils? This is a must read.
I Checked at Wall Mart and all the warnings are there.

One Scary Story....
About 5:30 PM there was a loud bang from the oven. Sylvia opened the oven door and the Pyrex dish had shattered into a million pieces.
The roast beef (our first in many months) was peppered with small shards of very sharp glass. Normally,I am quick to inform Sylvia she did something stupid. However,this time she was nowhere near the stove when it blew. I shoveled the glass and the now mashed potatoes into a bucket with two putty knives. I then sucked the remains with the shop vac. I let everything cool down and then scrubbed the oven with Simple Green and some hot soapy water. It took over an hour to clean up the goo. Upon completion I ran the oven empty to see if the temperature controller was working okay. I suspected the oven got too hot and the dish simply blew. This was not the case however.
The oven came up to temperature and cycled normally. We threw a disgusting frozen pizza in the oven and it cooked okay.
What is going on you ask?
I Google exploding Pyrex dishes and got ten million hits.
Exploding Pyrex is very common....
Here is the story: A long, long time ago in a country we all know and love was a company named Corning. They made Pryex dishes. The material they used is called borosilicate glass. This stuff is indestructible.
But like everything else, the Bottom Liners had a great idea: sell the technology to another company. The Chinese discovered that using soda lime glass was almost as good as borosilicate glass and a lot cheaper. Today, Wal-Mart is the largest distributor of Pryex products. Corning not only sold the technology to a company called World Kitchen, they also sold the rights to the original Pyrex logo.
Seamless. The consumer will never know.
Now it seems people are getting hurt using soda lime Pyrex. We were lucky because the dish broke while the oven was closed and the damage was limited to the oven cavity. Others have been less fortunate. Some dishes explode when they are lifted from the heating rack in the oven with devastating results. Some people are heavily scarred. World Kitchen is in denial. They say that the dishes are another brand, not theirs. Contrary to their denials the victims usually have more than one of these dishes and the Pryex logo is clearly visible.

If you buy a Pryex dish beware.
The label on the front says oven safe, freezer safe, microwave safe. The instructions on the back tell another story. You cannot move a soda lime Pyrex dish from the freezer to the oven and expect it to survive. The fine print goes on and on about what you are not allowed to do with the Pyrex dish. The fine print has prevented World Kitchen from being sued because they have warned the consumer that their Pyrex dishes are junk from the get go. And they are the same price as the original Corning dishes.
What a bunch of losers we all are for buying this crap.
What to do?
If you own borosilicate Pryex dishes, no fear. They have to be more than 25 years old to be sure they are indeed Corning dishes. I am not sure if the old Pryex dishes have anything stamped in them that indicates they are made by Corning. You may continue to use the soda lime dishes for holding stuff. Just do not attempt to roast or microwave with them as the hazard is very clear.

The reason the soda lime dishes let go is that over time they develop micro-cracks. Once a few micro-cracks are present and once some liquid finds its way into the cracks you have the bomb situation. The liquid is like shoving a crowbar in the dish and pulling it apart. Super heated liquids expand rapidly and it is the super heated liquids that force the soda lime glass to shatter into tens of thousands of shards.

Since Corning no longer makes Pyrex and Sylvia proudly holds a large collection of the soda lime Pyrex, we decided that one bomb in the kitchen is enough. The Pyrex dishes will go bye-bye in this week's trash. I do not know what we will use for cake and pie dishes going forward. If you have some suggestions we are listening.

I strongly urge you not to use the soda lime Pyrex for the oven, stove top or microwave. The slightest invisible crack is all it takes to have a mess and a possible injury.

As to World Kitchen: Them and their cheap dishes. In case you are wondering: World Kitchen is not a USA company.

This is one more thing we can thank Congress for - selling out America. Just think Obama and Congress just approved the sale of the Hummer, the U.S. first line of defense for our American Fighting Men and Women, wonder when they will start failing, breaking down, and blowing up?

Yes, next week I will return with another great Recipe from Jack!

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Oct 2, 2009

Jack’s Recipe for Irish Stew with Mash Potatoes:

This recipe requires time, do not rush it or take short cuts.
Please follow instructions or your beef will be tough.

Ingredients and Amounts:
1/4 cup Fresh Green Garden Standard Parsley
1/4 cup Fresh Italian Parsley
4 Bay Leaves
1 Tablespoon of Dry Basil
1 Tablespoon of Fresh Chopped Garlic
1 Standard Size Bottle of Red Diner Wine (Merlot)
4 Large Brown Mushrooms
4 Large White Button Mushrooms
1 Tablespoon Table Salt
1 Tablespoon White Sugar (not artificial)
2 1/2 to 3 Pounds of Lean Beef Shoulder cut by butcher into 4 equal cubes (excess fat removed)
1 Teaspoon of LP Sauce (original)
2 Fresh Celery Stocks
1 Large Red Onion
3 Spring Onions
1 Tablespoon of Fresh Ground Black Pepper
1 Large Bag of Baby Carrots
Olive Oil
4 to 6 White Rose Potatoes (Medium Size)
1 14-Ounce Can of Chicken Stock
2 Sticks of Butter or Margin (I personally prefer butter for
Mash Potatoes).
1 Pint of Half and Half or Milk
See Options Below

Note: Because of the time required to prepare and cook this dish, I usually do the marinate in the morning around 10:00am. Then the next day around Noon I start the cooking process. By the time you are done with everything you should be able to have diner around 6:00pm.

Kitchen Items and Utensils:
1 Large 5-Quart Pot (I personally use an Iron Pot, seasoned,
with a glass lid).
1 5-quart large mixing type bowl (I personally use glass).
1 3-Quart or larger Stove Top Cooking Pot, I use Revereware.
I kitchen cutting knife or paring knife.
1 Fork for cooking.
Pair of Tongs.
Mash Potato Utensil
Paper Towels.
Saran Type Plastic Wrap.
Can Opener.
Cutting Board.
Long handled metal or wood cooking spoon.
Wine Corkscrew Opener.
Large Diner Plate or Bowl for handling the meat.

Preparation Directions:
In a Large glass or ceramic bowl (3-4 quart size)
 place the following ingredients in the bowl …
Using a diagonal cut - Cut 2 Celery Stalks into 1-inch pieces
1 Cup of Baby Carrots (keep whole)
Slice a whole Red Onion into 1/2 inch long cuts, then cut in half (but don’t dice)
Slice the Mushrooms into 1/2 inch long cuts, then cut in half (but don’t dice)
Dice the 3 Spring Onions
Dice Green Parsley (remove stems)
Dice Italian Parsley (remove stems)
Add the (see quantities above) Sugar, Salt, Fresh Ground Black Pepper, Basil, Chopped Garlic, L&P Sauce, Bay Leaves, and 1/2 the bottle of Red Wine .. then Stir (mix thoroughly)
Take the Beef Shoulder Pieces – with a fork poke each side about 3 to 4 times (this allows the wine to get into the meat) (do not tenderize or over poke the meat)
Place the Meat Cubes into the bowl, move vegetables around the sides of the meat, sprinkle lightly on top of each meat cube some Olive Oil, then add the remaining Red Wine.
Cover with Clear Plastic Wrap - Marinate and refrigerate over night (at least 12-hours but preferably 24-hours).

Beef Stew Cooking Directions (follow these closely):
Using a 5-Quart Iron Pot with Glass Lid
Remove marinate from refrigerator.
Remove ‘Meat’ only, place on a plate, remove any clinging veggies, pat dry each piece with a paper towel.
Open can of Chicken Stock.
Preheat Iron Pot on High Heat.
When Hot, Place 1/2 stick of butter and about 2 Tablespoons of
Olive Oil.
Sear Meat Cubes on ALL 6 Sides, – do NOT overcook (if needed add about another Tablespoon of Butter).
As meat cooks, remove place on plate.
When meat is completed, turn off fire, remove liquid from pan, dispose of liquid, wipe bottom of pan with a paper towel (use tongs).
Next, turn fire back to high heat
Quickly add the Chicken Stock plus one 1/3 can of Water.
Place all the meat back into the Pot
Bring to a boil.
Add the remaining Marinated Ingredients and Wine.
Add an additional 1 Cup of Baby Carrots.
Reduce to Medium Heat – cover with lid.
Once it comes to a boil, stir with metal or wooden spoon.
Place Pot on Simmer (may be separate burner on your stove).
Keep Covered - Simmer for approximately 5 hours (or until meat is fork tender and falls apart), lightly stir approximately once after the first 30 minutes, then lightly stir again once every hour.
After about 2-hours of simmering remove all bay leaves.

Helpful Hints: It should be done when about 1/3 of the liquid is cooked off and absorbed.
Taste before turning off .. add salt, pepper, or a very small amount of sugar .. heat for another 10 minutes if additional seasoning was added.
Turn Off Stove, leave covered.
Let stand for about 15 minutes before serving.
Do NOT cut or slice meat.

Potato Cooking Directions:
Place Potatoes in boiling water with a small amount of salt added.
When done, remove, cool for about 5 minutes, and remove skins.
In a large bowl, cut potatoes into cubes, then mash.
Add 1/2 stick of Butter.
Add 1/4 cup of Half and Half or Milk (I prefer rich and creamy so I use half and half).
Mash until creamy.
Add salt and pepper to taste.
Add more Milk or Butter as needed and to taste.

Serving Instructions:
Place mash potatoes on plate.
Dip up Irish Stew and serve.
Cover mash potatoes with gravy.
Adults get one piece of beef.

Optional Cooking Hints and Ingredients:
--- You can substitute the Italian Parsley with Cilantro but reduce the amount to about 2 Tablespoons (no stems).
--- You can substitute Baby Carrots for large garden carrots. If you do, cut into 2 inch diagonal cuts. I personally like the Baby Carrots better they are sweeter.
--- After adding the ingredients above you may also add
1 Tablespoon of A-1 Steak Sauce ( I have tried this but it gives the sauce a ting).
--- If you are a true Meat Lover, you can substitute the Chicken Stock with Beef Stock but this will give it a somewhat of a stronger taste, some like it that way, you will have to add 1 can of water, everything else remains the same.

You can Freeze what portion of the ‘Irish Stew’ you don’t eat. I store my leftovers in Tupperware Plastic Tubs. It will last about 3-months in the freezer. The mash potatoes will have to be eaten the next day.

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