May 29, 2009

Jack's BBQ Recipe - Traditional BBQ Chicken with Side Dishes

This week continues with Outdoor BBQ Recipes....


Chicken Legs and Breasts
Corn on the Cob

Cooking Items and Utensils:
A BBQ Grille.
Pair of Heavy Cooking Gloves (BBQ Mitts).
Sharp Paring or Kitchen Knife.
Chopping Board.
Large Diner or Serving Plate.
Two Large Mixing Bowls.
Diner Plates (paper plates are fine).
Paper Towels.
Set of Salad or Soup Style Bowls (can use plates).
Eating knives, forks, spoons (plastic is Ok).
Saran Plastic Wrap or Alum Foil.
Set of BBQ Cooking Tools (utensils).
Cast Iron 5-quart Pot with glass lid or any Metal Large 5-quart Pot with lid. 

Can of Pam Cooking Spray.


---First clean the Grille.
Scrap any food particles off.
Wipe the grille down with a damp cloth or wet paper towels, let dry naturally. 

---Check the Gas Propane Container Level. If natural gas, check the fittings on either type of gas grille. If charcoal make sure you have briquettes, a lighter stick, and fluid. 

---Make sure your BBQ cooking tools are clean. 

---You might want to consider wearing an apron to avoid messy accidents. 

---Just ‘BEFORE’ you light the grille, spray the grille rack with Pam, this prevents sticking).
Never spray this or any item onto a hot grille or directly into a flame.

Item # 1 –
BBQ Chicken: 

Chicken Legs or Breasts or both (your choice) (I buy mine already in a pack of 6 or 12 for legs and 4 in a pack for breasts with bones). 

Table Salt
Garlic Powder

Fresh Ground Black Pepper

BBQ Sauce (your pick here)


Remove chicken from package, wash thoroughly but do not remove skin. 

In large mixing bowl, place chicken, cover with BBQ Sauce, lightly add some table salt, sprinkle lightly some Garlic Powder, and add some Fresh Ground Black Pepper.
Stir well.
Cover (plastic wrap or foil) and refrigerate for about one hour.
Spray BBQ grille grate with Pam.
Note: You could just use a paper towel and coat the grille with cooking oil.

Get grille hot, turn to medium heat.
Remove chicken from refrigerator.
Using BBQ Tongs, place Chicken on grille, close BBQ lid, cook for about 2 minutes.
Turn heat to low. 
Open lid, leave open, turn chicken.
Continue to turn until cooked.
Note: Chicken skin burns easy and it’s hard to get done to the bone, especially white meat (breasts).
So, cook it slow, turning about every 2-minutes.
You’ll know it’s done when the chicken is firm and it doesn't bleed when you squeeze it or poke it with a fork.
Chicken is one of the hardest meats to get just right so practice is required mainly because every type of grille is a little different.
WARNING: Never eat chicken that is NOT fully cooked.

Item # 2 –
Tossed Salad: 

Large bag of pre made tossed salad greens from the grocery store. 
Hey this is BBQ time, life is fine and simple, so make it easy on yourself.
One large Cucumber.
One Red Onion.
Box of Croutons.
Jar of Bacon Bits.
Your favorite salad dressing or Vinegar and Oil.
Fresh Ground Black Pepper.

While chicken is marinating in refrigerator.
Remove salad from bag, place on cutting board, chop into edible pieces, children hate large salad chunks, this one reason they object to eating it.
Note: Try to avoid having someone cut food outside, especially with a plastic knife and fork, so prepare it properly so all they have to do is eat it. 

Using a large mixing bowl, dump salad into bowl.
Now chop half a of a red onion and place in bowl.
Wash and peel cucumber, slice, then cut into quarter pieces, place in bowl. 
Add Croutons, Bacon Bits, Fresh Ground Black Pepper.
Toss Salad (mix well).
Cover and place in refrigerator until ready (I like to use alum foil for this because if the bowl is covered too tight the croutons and bacon bits may become soggy).
Do NOT add salad dressing until served.

Item # 3 -
Corn on the Cob: 

2 ears of corn per person (white or yellow fresh corn).

Butter or Margin.
Table Salt.

Fresh Ground Black Pepper.


Just before cooking, husk the corn, pull off the silky threads, and cut out any blemishes with a pointed paring knife.

Cut the Ears in half, easier to cook and handle.
Place Iron Pot with lid on top of BBQ Grille Grate or side burner.
Drop the corn into the large cast iron pot filled with boiling water, add salt. 

Cover the pot and let the water return to a boil again, then turn off the heat and keep the pot covered. 

After about 5 minutes, remove enough ears for a first serving.
You can keep the remaining corn warm in the water for another 10 minutes without becoming tough or soggy.

Serve with lots of butter and light salt and fresh ground black pepper. 

1) The corn can be cooked inside.
2) Instead of 5 minutes, cook for 4 minutes, remove from water and place directly on BBQ Grille Grate rolling over until brown, about one minute, use the BBQ Tongs.
3) Either, method, for children, cut the corn from the cob and place on plate with butter.

For you Hungry Man Types:
Ice Tea for Lunch with lemon and ice.
Gatorade for the children (healthy).
Cold Beer in Frosty Mug for Diner (mug requires 24-hours in freezer). 

Potato Chips on the side.

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