May 2, 2009

Jack’s Quick Ravioli:

If you haven’t tried Ravioli this way, they are great, fast to prepare, and different.
Here is a quick easy to prepare Pasta Dish.

1 Bag of Frozen Cheese Ravioli (get the Large Ravioli, sometimes called Jumbo)
Grated Parmesan / Romano Cheese (I buy it all ready to use)
Olive Oil
Crushed Red Pepper Flakes (spice section of grocery store)
Garlic Powder (spice section of grocery store)
Crushed Oregano (spice section of grocery store)
Fresh Black Pepper
Table Salt
Vegetable Oil

Cooking Items:
1 large metal spoon with holes
1 Large 5 Quart Pot with lid (any pot will do)
Pair Cooking (oven) Gloves

Cooking Directions:
Open Frozen Bag of Ravioli prior to starting
Fill 5-Quart Pot 2/3 with plane water, cover with lid
On high heat boil water
When boiling, remove lid, add …
1 Tablespoon of Table Salt
3 Tablespoons of Vegetable Oil
Place lid back on until boiling again
Remove Lid and leave off
Add Ravioli - recommended serving:
Children, 4 pieces each
Adults, 6 to 7 pieces each
Note: Place in slowly as not to splash the hot liquid on to you.
Cook / Heat as per instructions on Ravioli bag (usually about 12 – 15 minutes).
Best results are when water comes to boil after adding Ravioli, turn to low heat, then cook for 15 minutes.
Stir slowly and gently one time after adding.
When done, use spoon with holes to gently dip Ravioli out onto individual serving plates.
A large bag will generally feed 4 adults.

Preparation Directions:
Make sure water has been drained from plate
Now add to the cooked Ravioli the following …
Cover each Ravioli with Olive Oil
Next add fresh Ground Black Pepper (light amount)
Sprinkle lightly fresh Red Pepper Flakes
Sprinkle lightly Garlic Powder
Sprinkle lightly Crushed Oregano
Finally add .. the Grated Parmesan / Romano Cheese

For you Hungry Man types:
Serve with a Fresh Garden Side Salad
Serve with Chilled Red Wine

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