Jun 26, 2009

Jack's BBQ Recipe - ‘BBQ Shark or Swordfish Steak’ on the Grille with side dishes

This is generally considered a dinner menu item.
It is an excellent choice for entertaining guests.

Grilled Fish on the BBQ
Portabella Mushrooms
Corn on the Cob.

Cooking Items and Utensils: 

A BBQ Grille. 

Pair of Heavy Cooking Gloves (BBQ Mitts). 

Sharp Paring or Kitchen Knife. 

Chopping Board. 

Large Serving Style Diner Plate. 

Paper Towels.
Diner Plates. 

Drinking Glasses. 

Steak Knives and Forks. 

Measuring Cup. 

Small Kitchen Brush for braising. 

Set of BBQ Cooking Tools (utensils). 

Can of Pam Cooking Spray. 

5-quart Pot with lid.


---First clean the Grille.
---Scrap any food particles off.
---Wipe the grille down with a damp cloth or wet paper towels, let dry naturally. 

---Check the Gas Propane Container Level. If natural gas, check the fittings on either type of gas grille. If charcoal make sure you have briquettes, a lighter stick, and fluid.
---Make sure your BBQ cooking tools are clean. 

---You might want to consider wearing an apron to avoid messy accidents. 

---Just ‘BEFORE’ you light the grille, spray the grille rack with Pam, this prevents sticking).  Never spray this or any item onto a hot grille or directly into a flame. 

Item # 1 – ‘Shark or Swordfish Steaks’ on the Grille:

Ingredients … 

Fresh Boneless Shark or Swordfish Steaks (butcher section).
Taste Note: Buy fresh same day, never freeze these items. 
Do NOT put fish in freezer, even if you buy it one day in advance. 
Store in butcher’s paper in rear of refrigerator on shelf. 

Purchasing Note: One ‘Steak’ per person, buy about 1 inch thick. 

Fresh Ground Black Pepper. 

Table Salt. 

Olive Oil. 


Directions … 

Step # 1: Swordfish or Shark Steaks 
Remove the ‘Fish’ from the butcher’s paper about 15 minutes before use.
Pat dry with a paper towel.
Place on diner plate, cover both sides with Olive Oil. 

Note: Do NOT remove skin on edges it helps hold the fish meat together while grilling. 

Melt about 1 stick (3 tablespoons) of butter in a measuring cup using the microwave oven.

Cooking Instructions: 

Spray BBQ grille grate with Pam or wipe with vegetable oil. 

Get grille hot, turn to medium heat.

Using BBQ Gloves (mitts) and flat turner, place steaks on grille, close lid for about 2 minutes. 

Open lid, cook for another 2 minutes. 

Turn Fish Steaks over, cook until done (approximately another 4 minutes).

Note: Grille cooking times vary with type of grille.
Experiment until you get it right.
Health Tip: Do NOT eat raw or partially cook fish.
Try cooking just one first.
Avoid turning over (flipping), cook one side at a time. 

When Steak is done, using braising brush, brush melted butter on one side, lightly add salt and fresh ground black pepper.
Let sit for at least one minute before eating. 

Remember, different grilles cook differently. My cooking times are based on a Webber Propane Grille.

Item # 2 – Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms: 

Ingredients …

Large Portabella Mushrooms (allow one per person) 

Olive Oil 

Port Barrel Wine Cheese Spread (you may substitute with Mozzarella Cheese).

Directions … 


Remove the Mushroom stems by gently twisting. 
Using a small paring knife or tablespoon, hollow out the bottom of the Mushrooms. 

Using the Braising Brush, add some Olive Oil to a Measuring Cup, brush entire Mushroom thoroughly with Oil.

Cooking Directions:

Using a pair of BBQ Tongs, place Portabella Mushrooms on grille. 

Turn over frequently as needed. 

They cook pretty fast, about 4 or 5 minutes. 

When done, remove from grille. 

Immediately stuff with Wine Cheese or Mozzarella Cheese. 

Let sit about 2 minutes before serving. 

Note: You can place these on the grille when you have turned the Fish Steaks over to begin cooking the 2nd side.

Item # 3 - Corn on the Cob: 

Ingredients … 

2 ears of corn per person (white or yellow fresh corn). 

Butter or Margin. 

Table Salt 

Fresh Ground Black Pepper.

Directions … 

Just before cooking, husk the corn, pull off the silky threads, and cut out any blemishes with a pointed paring knife. 

Cut the Ears in half, easier to cook and handle. 

Place Iron Pot with lid on top of BBQ Grille Grate or side burner with water about 2/3 full, bring to a boil.

Drop the corn into the large cast iron pot filled with boiling, add salt. 

Cover the pot and let the water return to a boil again, then turn off the heat and keep the pot covered. 
After about 5 minutes, remove enough ears for a first serving. 
You can keep the remaining corn warm in the water for another 10 minutes without becoming tough or soggy. 

Serve with lots of butter and light salt and fresh ground black pepper. 


(1) This can be cooked inside. 

(2) Instead of 5 minutes, cook for 4 minutes, remove from water and place directly on BBQ Grille Grate rolling over until brown, about one minute, use the BBQ Tongs. 

(3) Either, method, for children, cut the corn from the cob and place on plate with butter.


Gatorade or Ice Tea for the Children. 

Beer in Frosty Mug for the Men (remember to place mugs in freezer at least 24-hours prior to pouring the refrigerated ice cold beer). 
If you don’t drink, Ice Tea is a good choice. 

Some people like wine, white or red is fine with this dish.
Health Tip: Try and avoid soda on hot days when body is exposed to outdoor sun.

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Roxanna said...

Thanks for providing a unique grill recipe. My aunt will surely like this, I wonder if we can use other fish for this.

My aunt loves grill and owns a gas barbecues reviews which she uses every time she cooks. Just last week, she went on a gas barbecues sale and buy other cooking utensils. I guess we'll check her things before we start trying your recipe. Thanks again!

Chef Jay said...

I love barbecues myself and have my very own barbecue recipes collection. So glad I've stumbled on this post, and this is a must try this holiday season. Keep posting!