Jul 10, 2009

Jack’s Egg, Potato and Ham Sandwich

Here is another favorite for children and men in general.

Here is an easy to prepare Sandwich.
The great thing about this sandwich it can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.....

Original Ingredients:
Cooking Oil (butter, optional)
Sliced Deli Ham
Black Pepper
Wheat or Rye Bread (if wheat, I usually toast it)

Optional Ingredients ….
Sliced American Cheese
Garden Tomato
Sweet Sliced Pickles
Can Potatoes, sliced if available

Cooking Items and Utensils:
1 large frying pan (skillet)
Pancake Type Cooking Utensil
Can Opener
Sharp Knife
Toaster (optional)

Preparation Directions:
If using Fresh Whole Potatoes, stab with fork, place into Microwave until done (not soft, you are going to fry them later).
Remove skin, slice into ¼ inch thick pieces.
If you are lazy, use the can potatoes, and slice the same way.

Cooking Directions:
First in a small amount of cooking oil or butter, pan fry the potato slices until brown. Remove and place on plate.
Next – add some light oil to same pan, Fry One Egg (break the yoke).
While egg is frying toast the bread and place two open pieces on a diner plate.
Mayonnaise the bread.
When egg is done place hot onto the bread add Black Pepper.
Add the Sliced Potato.
Finally lightly pan fry two slices of Deli Ham, honey ham works best for taste.
Add the Ham and your ready …
Note: This is an excellent ‘Breakfast.’

To be more creative or if you like your sandwich more hearty, especially for lunch or diner, then try adding …
Sliced Tomato
Slice of American Cheese
Some sliced Sweet Pickle

For you Hungry Man Types:
Goes well with Coffee for Breakfast
Ice Tea for Lunch
Cold Beer for Diner

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