Nov 28, 2008

Turkey Leftover Recipe No. 2: Hot Open Face Turkey Sandwiches

This is a great idea for leftover Turkey. Makes a warm meal. It can be eaten for Breakfast, Lunch or Diner although most people eat if for diner.

Items Needed per Serving:
Slice Turkey Meat, as though you would put it on a sandwich.
Butter or Margin, I personally like Country Crock, it's soft and spreads easy.
Leftover Turkey Stuffing.
Leftover Gravy.
2-slices of Bread (don't toast it).
Note: You may substitute Mash Potatoes for Stuffing or just use the Turkey only for the meal.

Preparation and Serving:
Using 2-slices of White Bread, butter, place on a diner plate.
Lay Turkey slices on top.
Place stuffing on sides.
Heat left over Gravy (stir thoroughly), pour gravy on stuffing and turkey.
Place in microwave for one minute and heat.

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