Nov 28, 2008

Jack's Turkey Leftover Recipe No. 1: The Turkey BLT

This is a great item for lunch ...

Items Needed per Sandwich:
3 Slices of Bread, I usually use Whole Wheat.
One Slice of American or Swiss Cheese.
3 Strips of Crispy Bacon.
Lettuce (Romain or Ice Berg, wash before using, pat dry with a paper towel).
Sliced Tomato (wash before using).
Leftover Turkey Slices.

Cook the Bacon until crispy. Easiest way is place bacon on a plate cover with a paper towel in the microwave.
Toast the 3 slices of bread.
On the first piece of toast put Mayonnaise, One Slice of Cheese; and the Turkey.
Place the next slice of Toast on top.
Then add Lettuce, Bacon, and Tomato.
Place the last piece of Toast on top.

Slice sandwich in half and serve on a plate.

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